We use low wattage LED lamps. they are fireproof. However, it is not necessary to place the lamps close to an open flame or very hot objects.

Yes. The LED lamps that we use do not heat up much, they are safe when turned on for a long time.

We use led lamp 5w standard e27 and plug for 220v eurostandard and standard e26 and plug for 110v the USA and Canada . You can order the type of plug at the time of ordering by pressing the «buy» button.

Our lamps look harmoniously in oriental style, minimalism, modern. Soft diffusing light creates warmth and coziness in the bedroom, living room, romantic date or as a night light in a nursery.

When you click on the «buy» button, you go to our store on the www.etsy.com website and indicate all the recipient’s data there, the payment is made through a secure PayPal system.

We are ready to send our lamps to almost any country. Shipping cost is included in the price of lamps.

Shipping costs are included in the price of the lamps, but let me know if you want to order more than 2 lamps. The total shipping cost will be less than each lamp individually.

Сontact us and we will discuss the possibility of making an individual order.