Masu-tsunagi tateshige. Minimalist interior design ideas.

masu tsunagi kumiko

Minimalist interior design ideas. Kumiko shoji japanese lamp. The masu-tsunagi tateshige-shōji is quite a simple design, however accuracy in measuring and cutting the kumiko and the pattern is no less important than when making the much more complex patterns. The kumiko arrangement is based on the tateshige-shōji design of very narrow horizontal intervals and quite broad vertical intervals.  Two band patterns are called masu-tsunagi. The word masu means a measuring cup used in Japan in the past to measure liquids, or rice and other grains. It was cube shaped, so the top formed a square, and by extension, masu in this case means a square. Tsunagi means “join” or “connect”. The central band features are therefore a “connection of squares”.

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japanese table wooden lantern  «masu-tsunagi tateshige kumiko lamp»

masu tsunagi kumiko

japan masu tsunagi kumiko