We make handmade kumiko panel decor lighting. All our wooden decor lighting  Japanese Kumiko style lamp is worth the effort. It combines basic hand and power tools with a few purpose-made jigs — and a lot of attention to detail. Kumiko panel pano is a traditional Japanese technique, made of many wooden bars crossed and laid to form various designs and expressions.
Kumiko style is a traditional Japanese woodworking technique, which requires cutting and pairing each piece of wood with hand tools to fit together.
Our original  wooden wall or table decor lamp is a four-sided frame with hardwood walnut, sapele, oak or cherry wood (The main frame for our wooden lamp kumiko style) and interior panels of softwood lattice. It can be wall lamp or  table lamp.

Our kumiko panel pano wooden art  will be a very interesting, unique gift for your family and friends.
Imagine how the interior will change with our wooden decor kumiko panel

Japanese wooden lamp and decor lighting  give warm cozy lighting create a pleasant atmosphere
for livingroom, bedroom, childrenroom. the lattice components, straight-grained softwoods work best. “Kumiko” is the general term for the strips of wood that go into the lattice, as well as for the work itself.

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