Welcome to our «Wooden lamp shop»
In our wooden lamp shop you will find unique handmade wooden lamps. we make our lamps only from natural wood. mainly walnut, cherry, oak.
one of our directions is lamps in the Japanese style kumiko lamp. They are perfect for the oriental style of minimalism, you can choose different types of wood for the main frame it can be walnut, sapele, cherry oak.

Japanese wooden lamps create a pleasant cozy atmosphere and look great both in the living room and in the bedroom.
our second direction is lamps in oriental style with handmade drawings. These lamps look beautiful both when turned off and provide soft warm lighting to the room.
our third direction is wooden wall lamps.
here you will find different colors of the main body for any interior.
all our lamps are safe, we are ready to ship them to almost any country, delivery is included in the price of lamps, delivery policy.

Our lamps are perfect as a unique gift for your family and friends, contact us if you want to make your unique gift.

For your safety, ordering and payment we carry out through our store on www.etsy.com  and the payment system paypal

The «reviews» of our customers can be found here.

Imagine how your interior will change with our lamps…


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